Linux and PHP

Open Source solutions allow you to extend core legacy applications and stay current with computing trends (e.g. mobile, cloud), without incurring exorbitant software acquisition costs and recurring licensing fees. Open Source solutions are backed by a community of over 2.5 million developers who create and support cost-free applications using Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP). PHP is the programming language of choice for many browser (web based) applications such as ERP, CRM, and CMS. We have been able to provide value to organizations struggling with inflexible green screen applications that are constraining the productivity of the business.

You can take easy advantage of state of the art technology being utilized by over 25 million world wide web domains, by leveraging GEMKO’s expertise and Open Source Solutions. Leverage our IBM Power i/LAMP core competencies, experience and consultative approach to develop and/or integrate Open Source applications within your IBM i environment.

For companies using IBM Power i (AS/400) as their computing platform, keeping your applications modern and flexible to meet the ever changing demands of your business can be challenging. Today’s employees cannot afford to spend time wrestling with inflexible applications and manual processes to address their most important business needs; as it affects productivity, efficiency and customer service. Our in-house skill set, capabilities and development tools, allow us to swiftly complete projects to specifications and to budget, augmenting your I.T. staff or acting as the sole resource team.

We develop, train and support Open Source applications on predominate computing platforms such as Unix, Linux, Windows and IBM i. Our vast knowledge and expertise in a broad spectrum of 3rd party business applications (e.g. Infor ERP, Microsoft Dynamics ERP) allow us to develop tightly integrated solutions. Customers that currently leverage GEMKO’s Open Source solutions and expertise include:

  • BCB International
  • Chautauqua Institution
  • R Findings
  • Robert James Sales
  • William S. Hein

Expected Benefits and Values of leveraging GEMKO’s Open Source solutions:

  • Remove cost from your computing environment by saving thousands of dollars on software licensing and recurring licensing fees
  • Deploy robust, multi-platform, scalable, reliable and stable applications that can grow with changing business demands
  • Create or modify any one of the thousands of business applications available to fit your specific needs
  • Easily integrate applications on the IBM Power family of servers: AIX, Linux, IBM i
  • Modernize legacy applications to extend data and business logic to browser based applications


IBM PowerLinux 7R2 Server - Optimized for Linux

The IBM PowerLinux server and IBM PowerVM® for IBM PowerLinux are optimized for Linux, providing more efficient horizontal scaling at price points comparable to traditional Linux servers. The IBM PowerLinux 7R2 server delivers the outstanding performance and workload-optimizing capabilities of the POWER7® processor in a Linux only, dense, 2U rack form factor that is ideal for running multiple application and infrastructure workloads in a virtualized environment. The two-socket, high-performance, energy-efficient server supports sixteen POWER7 cores and a choice of Linux operating systems.

A simpler PowerLinux-based IT environment with fewer servers to manage helps reduce infrastructure costs and frees IT staff to focus on bringing innovative products and services to market faster. Replacing aging x86 based Windows servers with PowerLinux systems and open source applications can further reduce costs by eliminating high proprietary software license fees and upgrade charges. Click here to read more about the IBM PowerLinux 7R2 Server.

  • Optimized for emerging and traditional scale-out Linux workloads
  • Economical foundation for optimized solutions
  • Deploy more secure, highly available solutions and services faster
  • More throughput per server with industry-leading performance and more efficient virtualization
  • Superior reliability and security
  • End-to-end system optimization