IBM DB2 Web Query for i

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is becoming much more important to OPTIMIZE business decisions with near real time data analysis. A business analyst can no longer afford to spend 80% of their time gathering data, only to throw out half of that data because the numbers aren’t trusted. IT departments no longer have to spend so much of their time responding to requests for data because they are the only experts that know how to extract the data or use the tools to build reports.

DB2 Web Query for i can improve productivity of report authors and deliver real time data to business analysts and executives in the forms that they want/need it in, be it spreadsheets, highly analytical multi-dimensional reports, dashboards or embedded in line of business applications.

Why Gemko?

From DB2 Web Query’s inception GEMKO was an early adopter in learning and implementing DB2 Web Query solutions. Over the years GEMKO has participated in IBM beta programs to receive pre-released versions of DB2 Web Query to get a jump on the new features and functions as well as provide IBM with product feedback.

Since 2007 GEMKO has been authorized by IBM System Lab Services to deliver DB2 Web Query services and training.

GEMKO’s DB2 Web Query solution offerings include:

  • Jump Start Services
  • Customized Training
  • Application Development

GEMKO has a strong relationship with Information Builders (DB2 Web Query software author) IBM i Solutions Manager, Jackie Jensen, who is responsible for the DB2 Web Query product. Jointly with Jackie, GEMKO frequently has customer live demo events to promote and educate the market on the business values of using DB2 Web Query.

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IBM DB2 Web Query for i